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easybuy has a thriving commercial division that deals with the sale and lease of both existing businesses and new business premises.

easybuy The Number One, NO Commission agents in Europe are an established SL company focusing on the Costa Blanca. Now offering Commercial Sales with offices in prominent positions throughout the Costa Blanca including Guardamar del Segura, La Marina, Javea, Pinoso, Torrevieja, Quesada, San Miguel & Moraira we are best placed to get your business NOTICED. Our commercial division is highly proactive and will get your business noticed by genuine buyers. Because of our No Commission Policy your business can be sold at a fair price and our buyers know this, which is why they make easybuy their first stop!

We can work with discretion and if you do not want the fact that your business is for sale to be public knowledge we will be discreet with our advertising to ensure that only genuinely interested parties are aware that your business is for sale.
Our offices are situated in highly visible locations throughout the Costa Blanca and all businesses are promoted in all our offices. You can find easybuy in the following areas on the Costa Blanca – Arenal Jávea, El Portet Moraira, La Marina, Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, Quesada, Pinoso, Orihuela Costa & San Miguel de Saliinas.
Our advertising is second to none both locally & internationally through web & press advertising. Your business will appear on the commercial section of the following successful websites as well as many press publications  
We regularly mail shot clients looking for business opportunities with local businesses for sale in their chosen area.
easybuy also sell No Commission residential property and many of our clients who are moving from overseas are also looking for a business. We are best placed to offer our clients the businesses on our books.  Our clients know they will not pay an over inflated price for a business because of our No Commission policy.
  • We charge a one off upfront fee of just 300 euros plus IVA. This covers the specialist advertising costs until your business is sold.
  • If you prefer, you can deal directly with potential buyers to assure a smooth sale.
  • We do not charge an over inflated commission, instead we offer our optional conveyancing service for a fee of just 1000 euros payable only when a buyer is found and a deposit is paid.
  • Our service could not be fairer to both the buyer and seller.
  • Businesses are marketed though all easybuy area offices, local newspapers, various websites and exhibitions
  • You can deal direct with the buyer to enable you to ensure the smooth running of your property sale. 
  • Prominent easybuy for sale board (if required).
  • Experienced advice from our commercials sales team. We visit your premises to take all photos and sales description.
  • Your property will be advertised on the popular Think Spain website until sold. 


If you are looking to start your own business (whether purchased through easybuy or not) our after sales department can help you through the whole process. We can organise all paperwork and help with opening licences, architect’s projects and registration with the relevant authorities.

Contact our head office in Guardamar for more details of how our commercial division can help you find the business to suit you.
Business For Sale spain Costa Blanca
If you are looking to buy a Business For Sale in Spain you have come to the right place, easybuy have a wide range of businesses for sale in Spain from bars and restaurants and Guest Houses to more unusual businesses such as children's play centres, pool cleaning rounds, hair salons and a variety of franchises.  easybuy has something for everyone whatever your budget.  We can offer freehold or leasehold businesses and Franchises that give you all the support you need leaving you to concentrate on building your business.
Buying a business in Spain couldn't be easier and there is help available for both buyers and sellers throughout the whole purchasing process.  Many businesses in Spain are bought using a private agreement between buyer and seller, especially leasehold businesses and Traspaso.  If you are buying a freehold the sale will take place at the notary.
Leasehold businesses in Spain
Renting a business or commercial unit in Spain is another option that you may consider if you do not have the finance to purchase a freehold.  There are many types of businesses for lease including bars. restaurants, hair salons, children's play centres: the list is endless.  If it is an established business with an established client base it is likely that the buyer will pay a lump sum for the business and thereafter take over the rental agreement and pay the monthly rent.  If you are interested in an empty commercial unit in Spain you would usually pay a few months rent as a deposit and the monthly rent thereafter.  
Opening licences for business premises on the Costa Blanca Spain
All businesses in Spain and on the Costa Blanca need opening licences which are obtained through the local town hall. You will generally need to employ an architect to draw up the plans and file the paperwork with the town hall. Once the architect has started the process it is usually fine for the business to start trading as it can take months and in some areas years to obtain the final approval from the town hall.  It is fairly common for the local police to pay a visit to a new business or a business under new ownership, as long as you can show your opening licence or prove that it has been applied for the police will be satisfied.  If the business you are purchasing already has an opening licence it can often be transferred into your name providing you are not making any alterations to the premises or changing the name.  easybuy are happy to give you advise on these issues.
Company formation in Spain
There are a number of ways you can run your company with regards to paying your taxes.  You can be self employed and pay your contribution each month (currently around 240 Euros per month) this then entitles you and your family to health care and other benefits that Spanish residents are entitled to. You could open an SL company (which is the equivalent to a Limited company in the UK), this option is quite expensive to set up but depending on the business you are running could be the best option. There are also other options to ensure that you are fully legal while running a business in Spain and our legal department is happy to discuss the best option for you, your business and your family.
Start searching for a business for sale in Spain or the Costa Blanca by clicking here.  You will find a large range of commercial businesses in Spain including bars, restaurants, shops, offices, hair salons, franchises, bakeries, gift shops, supermarkets, car sales, guest houses, bed & breakfasts plus some businesses with living accommodation.  easybuy offers the widest selection of businesses at the best prices on the Costa Blanca Spain.
After many years of dealing with people who have relocated to Spain we have found that most make the move without doing the necessary research and end up with problems that could have been avoided.
With this in mind, we at easybuy have introduce a relocation package, This package is designed to help people make their move to a new life with the peace of mind that there is someone on hand to help with any problems that may occur.
The easybuy relocation service offers help from the beginning of your plans and continues for up to one year after your move. We will help you in finding a location suitable to you and your families needs and help arrange visits to the areas that you feel may interest you.  We will help find the property you are looking for whether you are looking to rent or buy, we can advise on schools both private and Spanish state schools, help with paperwork including Insurances, Car registration, Car Hire, Translations, Spanish lessons and Health care.  Our in house legal service includes Conveyancing, NIE, Residencias Mortgages, Taxes, Wills, Power of attorney, medical cards and Inheritance.
Starting a business
If you are looking to buy or start a business in Spain, we can help. Don’t  do what many people do and think that you can start  a business in Spain as easily as you can in the UK.  Many people have bought a business without checking that it has all the relevant paperwork in order and often find  that their hard earned  money has been lost because there is not a proper opening license or that the existing license can not be transferred unless thousand of Euros are spent to bring the premises in line with new regulations. Many people have paid10s of thousand of Euros on Traspaso (leases) that don’t exist, don’t let this happen to you. Easybuy will check out all these things on your behalf.
Finding work
Although easybuy can not guarantee that we find employment for our clients we can advise on the best course of action to find work and all our local offices have a wealth of local knowledge and contacts to point you in the right direction of finding suitable employment.
Our relocation packages are tailor made to suit your specific needs (you only pay for the services you require)
If you are thinking of relocating to Spain then the easybuy Relocation package is right for you.
For more information contact us by email or phone and we will be pleased to help.
Moving to Spain
Most people will at some point have come to Spain on holiday and been seduced by the sunshine, the beaches and the feeling of relaxation this brings and decided that moving and living in the sun is the perfect solution.
The next step most of us made was to look in estate agents windows and imagine the style of property we could  buy after we sold our house in the UK (or elsewhere in cold northern Europe) and how much money that would leave in the bank.
Very few of us, whilst having these afternoon daydreams, actually take a realistic appraisal of what we are going to do with our time or what we are going to require financially living permanently and being able to afford the lifestyle that we think we are going to be enjoying.
As you sit with a cold beer the idea that you could be running this bar, and the owner has said it´s for sale at a very attractive price, the two of you living and working the dream can be almost overpowering, but let’s take a minute and pour some cold water over this and see what the reality, or for those who jumped in without doing some research first will call it, or the nightmare can become.
Buying a business in Spain, just like buying any other type of property here, can be easy if you follow some guidelines and apply some common sense.
One of the first things you have to ensure is that you are actually going to be getting what you are paying for. This I know sounds obvious, but most commercial property in Spain is never sold freehold, it will generally be on a rental agreement (otherwise known as traspaso).
Many Spanish rental contracts quite clearly state that the sale of the traspaso is not allowed without the express consent of the owner of the premises. Therefore it is essential that before you part with any money you have the original rental agreement (which you will need to have independently checked) and that there is an agreement that the business can be transferred.
It is also essential that you visit the business as many times as practical and at different times and days of the week in order to have as complete as possible a picture of how busy the business gets and what level of staff is needed in order for the business to run smoothly and efficiently.
The next check that you should make is how long the current owners have been running the business and what are their motives for selling? If a business has changed hands more often than you have changed your underwear then there may be a problem that should be examined more closely. Equally if the business is being sold because the current owners are struggling to earn a living then this should also be ringing alarm bells.
Assuming everything appears to be alright the next important issue is to see accounts for the business, this can open a very complicated discussion, especially in the case of bars, restaurants and other cash based businesses, where a certain amount of non-disclosure of turnover is prevalent.
If the accounts are saying one thing but you are being told something completely different then you have to make a decision about which version you want to accept, but remember if you are going to require financing then the official version is the only one your source of finance will find acceptable.
The other important decision you need to make is what skills you have and what skills you are going to require in order to make this new venture successful, some of these skills may include languages, financial record keeping, staff training and others.
In order to keep yourself  as secure as possible it makes sense to look through the businesses available through specialist business sales agents, if they have done their homework then the problems of legality and record keeping should be minimized, they should also be able to introduce you to independent assessores and lawyers.
These people are a necessity if you are a newcomer to running a business in Spain and the fee you will pay should more than be recovered in their ability to reduce (legitimately) your liabilities.
One of the more important issues to have an awareness of is the difference between commercial and domestic rentals with regard to IVA(VAT), if you don’t understand the difference and make a mistake the end of your first quarter is going to result in a fair degree of unpleasantness as the government looks for payment of monies you may not even be aware you are liable for.
As in every aspect of life if you try to cut corners then problems may be coming at you faster than you were expecting, take time, take advice and make informed decisions . That way you can reduce the chances of your dream life in the sun turning into a nightmare.
One of the most confusing and exasperating issues which causes the most concern is the issue of traspaso. Traspaso literally translates as “the sale or transfer of an existing business as a going concern” however this does not mean that any existing operating licences will be transferred or that the local council will give their consent to the establishing  or continued operation of any business.
Many business rental contracts strictly forbid the sale of the business without the written agreement of the landlord. In normal circumstances this agreement will be given ,however, until this has been established then you should never be considering making any payment. It is also worth noting that certain unscrupulous business owners may present someone whom they introduce as the landlord, you should always take care to establish that this is bona-fide and never part with any monies unless you are absolutely certain of whom you have met and what has been agreed.
Another common item in many traspaso agreements is the condition that the business owner shall  be liable to continue to pay rent until the end of their agreement period ,even if they cease trading or are unable to sell the business as a going concern.
At this moment we are trying to assist several individuals who have found themselves paying  a traspaso for businesses that simply do not exist. As I have stated several times previously (and will no doubt say countless more times) never ever pay any monies out on the basis of a verbal agreement, this is the most dangerous mistake many people make, or on the basis of a written agreement which you have not had , at the very least, thoroughly checked  and translated  and you are fully aware of the implications of signing such agreement!
Anyone who has a similar problem or who has found themselves in this type of situation is welcome to contact us through the address at the end of this article and we will give whatever help and advice we can.
One of the safest ways for those looking to buy a business is to explore the various  “franchise” or licensed business models which are available. There are as many different styles and types of businesses available covering all areas of the Coast and most aspects of life including bars, supermarkets, estate agents and fast food.
By buying into an established group you can greatly increase your chances of success, however, the only guarantees in live are death and taxation(neither of which have a lot to recommend them).
It is worth stating here that if you are considering buying into a “franchise” that the business concerned does actually have the legal right here in Spain to market themselves and set up  new franchises.  A company wishing to sell franchises MUST be entered into the Administrative Franchise Registry and should be able to display this registration if asked, there are also strict terms and conditions which must be stated prior to any agreement being signed.
A licensed business must also state the terms and conditions which will be applied prior to the signature of any agreement. In both cases it should be noted that once the general terms and conditions of business have been agreed and signed by both parties then as long as these do not contradict law or public policy then they will be deemed to be legal and binding(there is very little point claiming that  you didn’t realise you were going to have ongoing fees and obligations if they are clearly stated in your agreement and your signature is alongside them).
As with all other aspects of purchasing a property it is well worth while doing some homework and thoroughly checking all aspects of your potential new business, ask for details of existing offices or branches and make the time to contact as many as you can independently and get as balanced a view of the business and support that is going to be on offer.
Some of the areas of Spain we cover are Altea, Albir, Calpe, Denia, Gandia, Jalon, Jávea, La Marina, Almoradi, Los Montesinos, Benijófar, Quesada, Torrevieja, Lo Pepin, La Mata, Villamartin, Punta Prima, Benidorm, Alicante, Elche, Aspe, Guardamar del Segura,  Playa Flamenca, Catral, Dolores, Benitachell, Moraira, La Romana, Rojales, Quesada, La Florida, Orihuela Costa, Murcia, Orihuela, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Campoamor, Bigastro, San Miguel de Salinas, Pilar de la Horadada, Hondon, Santa Pola, Gran Alacant, Torrelamata, San Luis, La Siesta, Fuente Alamo, Los Alcázares, Mar Menor, La Manga. All resale properties in these and all other areas are no commission property. 
Disclaimer: Easybuy Properties Spain SL is a Spanish registered SL and is in no way connected to the company easygroup.