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You can be sure that if you buy a property that is marketed by easybuy you will be buying at the owner’s price. There will be NO COMMISSION added. We do not include commission in the seller’s price and call it something else.
easybuy are a sophisticated For Sale By Owner (FSBO) company. Buyers can have direct contact with the owner as if it were a private sale by the owner. When viewing properties you are welcome to speak directly to the owner and negotiate with them on the price.
We have a wide selection of property and businesses in Costa Blanca Spain which include apartments, bungalows, beach properties, country homes, villas, townhouses, fincas, businesses, bars, restaurants, franchises and business opportunities. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website please call or e-mail one of our offices and we will do all we can to help you find your ideal property or business
Remember - the price you pay is what the owner receives in full.
After many years of dealing with people who have relocated to Spain we have found that most make the move without doing the necessary research and end up with problems that could have been avoided.
With this in mind, we at easybuy have introduce a relocation package, This package is designed to help people make their move to a new life with the peace of mind that there is someone on hand to help with any problems that may occur.
The easybuy relocation service offers help from the beginning of your plans and continues for up to one year after your move. We will help you in finding a location suitable to you and your families needs and help arrange visits to the areas that you feel may interest you.  We will help find the property you are looking for whether you are looking to rent or buy, we can advise on schools both private and Spanish state schools, help with paperwork including Insurances, Car registration, Car Hire, Translations, Spanish lessons and Health care.  Our in house legal service includes Conveyancing, NIE, Residencias Mortgages, Taxes, Wills, Power of attorney, medical cards and Inheritance.
Starting a business
If you are looking to buy or start a business in Spain, we can help. Don’t  do what many people do and think that you can start  a business in Spain as easily as you can in the UK.  Many people have bought a business without checking that it has all the relevant paperwork in order and often find  that their hard earned  money has been lost because there is not a proper opening license or that the existing license can not be transferred unless thousand of Euros are spent to bring the premises in line with new regulations. Many people have paid10s of thousand of Euros on Traspaso (leases) that don’t exist, don’t let this happen to you. Easybuy will check out all these things on your behalf.
Finding work
Although easybuy can not guarantee that we find employment for our clients we can advise on the best course of action to find work and all our local offices have a wealth of local knowledge and contacts to point you in the right direction of finding suitable employment.
Our relocation packages are tailor made to suit your specific needs (you only pay for the services you require)
If you are thinking of relocating to Spain then the easybuy Relocation package is right for you.
For more information contact us by email or phone and we will be pleased to help.
easybuy can also handle the legal side of your purchase for a very reasonable fee – see our legal services section.
News Articles

Because of the current state of the property market, The Coastrider has decided to try and keep its readership up-to date with the day to day goings on within the property industry on our coast of Spain.
Over the coming weeks we will be discussing various subjects and will welcome any property related enquiry from any readers.
Buying a property in today´s market place can have some advantages, however as in any investment, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.
With the prices of new, resale and off-plan properties falling, seemingly, on a daily basis there has never been a better time to purchase.
Whatever your reasons for buying, for investment, to live permanently or as a holiday home, take advantage of the fact that this is a buyers´ market. Shop around checking as many property agents and websites as you can take a good look at commission free and low commission agencies as these are the ones most likely to have the better priced bargains.
If off-plan property appeals then bear in mind you are taking a significant gamble in today´s economy.
New property has some outstanding opportunities with many developers offering seemingly tempting enticements. The first requirement new build must have is that it is a key ready property which is coming complete with a habitation certificate, this way you know that the property has been passed as safe and legal to live in buy the local authority.
Some of the incentives that are currently being offered include cash back on completion, upgraded furniture packs, guarantees on rental income, golf fees and various others,  but remember nothing in life is free, be prepared to haggle if you don’t ask you certainly won´t get!
A resale property also offers some amazing bargains, but again ensure that all the necessary paperwork and certificates are in place before completion.
The old adage” buy in haste repent at leisure “as many people will bear testament to be true, make sure you take time and get proper advice before you commit yourself to anything.
Legal representation should be independent of the seller and should only be representing the buyer and their interests.
Mortgages are available; however, never borrow more than you can afford to repay. Most reputable lenders will nowadays only offer between 60-80% of the property´s independent valuation but this will be dependent on the individual circumstances and credit history of the purchaser. If possible prearrange mortgage facilities before you start your search as this can help you negotiate a better deal with the vendor, the sooner the completion the better for many people.
When you have selected the ideal property bear in mind that you must allow a further 10-12% for IVA (VAT), land registry, Notary and legal fees .These fees will almost never be covered by the mortgage lender except in very unusual circumstances.
The majority of purchases proceed without any problems, a small number do however run afoul of Spanish bureaucracy. Ensure that you have your NIE before you begin the buying process as without this you cannot purchase or rent any major item that requires registration within the Spanish system.
There are nowadays many different schemes by which you can purchase property in Spain and the choice you make will, of course, be determined by your lifestyle and investment requirements and some of these options including co-ownership and rent-to-buy will be covered in future articles.
I am going to give a brief outline of two new purchasing options which are starting to take root here in Spain.
The first of these is Co-Ownership. This is a subject which many people initially, and wrongly, believe is timeshare. Nothing could be further from the truth.
There are two recognised meanings for this term, the first and most common is when a group of family or friends get together to purchase a property with a private agreement about usage and bills. These agreements need no regulation, however, for those of you who have considered this option; it is advisable to have some sort of written understanding which all parties have agreed to. This agreement should also have some regard to what would happen to the property in the event of divorce or bereavement of any of the parties concerned.
The second common usage of the term is a more formal one.  Co-Ownership is a legally recognised system where a maximum of four people form a registered company for the express purpose of buying a single property with the sole intention of receiving an equal share of any rental income the property generates.
As a registered company is formed with every purchase all the IVA (VAT) is reclaimable, which has an obvious and immediate benefit for the purchasers.
As partners of the formed company, there are standard rules about the disposal or re-distribution of shares, in most of these agreements there may also be an understanding that if property values reach a certain point, either up or down, the property will be placed on the market for disposal, this makes it much easier for each partner to make long-term plans.
It is important to realise that this scheme is designed purely for investment purposes; no member of the created company has any occupation rights to the purchased property unless they are paying the advertised open market rent! This is an ideal solution for those who can see the long-term potential in the property market in Spain but do not wish to commit a major portion of their capital to a single purchase.
In both cases the owners of the property, this means everybody who is listed on the deeds, are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property. They are also responsible for ensuring that they submit their own tax returns as required by Spanish law.
As most of you will have realised these both types of agreement are going to require careful consideration and a degree of oversight, this is something that should properly be left to a reputable established independent agency.
The second option which is starting to take root is “rent-to-buy”.
This is a system whereby a seller and a purchaser form an agreement that the property will be purchased at current, or occasionally at future, market value. The purchaser pays, as is common, a holding no-refundable deposit and over an agreed period, a maximum of five years, rents the property at which point the sale is completed. Should the purchase not be completed the prospective purchaser loses all the monies they have paid. It should also be noted that during the rental period the prospective purchaser is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property, as they would be if they had in fact purchased it!
This type of agreement has advantages for both parties. For the seller it generates an income from the property with the knowledge that a sale will take place at an agreed time, this can make negotiations with finance providers much simpler.
 For the prospective purchaser this time can be used to fully establish themselves in a new area and to create a pattern of payment and responsibility which may be useful if at the time of final purchase finance will be required.
This is not an ideal solution for those who need to generate immediate large funding from their property, it is however quite an attractive option for those who have the ability to wait with the knowledge the sale will proceed.
As ever these decisions will ultimately be based on each individual and their circumstances and at all times take advice and ask questions.  “There is no such thing as a stupid question; they are just the easiest to answer.”
 One aspect of moving to and living in Spain that seems to be forgotten or ignored by an awful lot of people is the language barrier and the consequences this can have.
It is very easy, when the agent speaks your home language, to be unaware of the extent that knowledge of Spanish language and custom is necessary in order to integrate, even marginally, into your new home.
As everyone who has been in Spain for any period of time will tell you the Spanish have adoration for bureaucracy which at times seems to border on addiction. To those who have moved from the United Kingdom the necessity to carry an official form of identification at all times is perhaps the first and most obvious signal that this is indeed a foreign country.
With the widespread availability of home language television, radio and newspapers along with the multitude of bars and restaurants where every language, with the exception of Spanish, can be spoken it is little wonder that many ex-pats of all nationalities have little ability to converse with the authorities on any subject.
There are a number of documents you must obtain when coming to buy a property or to live permanently in Spain and for those without the ability to converse with the relevant authorities and fill out the required paperwork the help of an intermediary is essential.
While many staff in government and financial institutions have the ability to converse in languages other than their own there will be times when, for whatever reason, these staff are unable to deal with you in your own language.
In the case of medical staff it is quite understandable why doctors need to have an absolutely certain understanding of your symptoms and medical history as any slight confusion can lead to serious complications which could include death, not something which doctors are willing to take a gamble on.
It is therefore imperative that until you can acquire the necessary language skills you find someone to assist you; this person should be experienced in dealing with all the agencies you might encounter and also be independent of them.
They should also in the case of medical matters be discrete and someone you can tell everything to in the knowledge you won’t become the main topic of discussion in their local bar that night.
They should also tell you what charges their services will incur and be able to demonstrate a reasonable degree of success with prior clients.
As I have stated before in articles in this paper anytime you sign a document in Spain your signature is taken as proof of your understanding of and agreement to any terms and conditions expressed in the document. It is therefore good sense and good value to pay someone to ensure you aren´t being asked to sign away your rights or your money!
Once you have begun to settle into your new life make an effort to find Spanish language and culture classes, most town halls run classes for newcomers and welcome everyone with open arms. These classes can also be a great way of meeting new friends, which can help with the feeling of isolation many people face when moving from their home country.
It is also worth finding bars and restaurants which are frequented by local Spaniards, whilst they may not have Eastenders or Coronation Street on the television they are likely to have good local food and be very welcoming of strangers.
One of the other main differences you will find in a local Spanish bar is the volume people talk at, many times, especially to Britons, it sounds as though everyone is on the verge of open warfare. Settle down and watch it is just the way they are, loud, impassioned and vocal. It is very rare to see violence around the locals when they interact with each other, violence is more likely to erupt amongst ex-pats!
The inability to speak and have an understanding of the language and customs of the country is something that many Britons take as a disgrace when applied to foreigners entering the United Kingdom, and yet they don’t appear to attach the same criteria to themselves when they have come to live in Spain.
An attempt, however small, to speak their language is appreciated by all the Spanish I have encountered.
Property Exchange
Opinions as to the state of the housing market would appear; at the moment at least, to be as plentiful as weather forecasts and just about as reliable.
In both instances, house prices and weather, the best barometer may well be to stick your head out the window and see for yourself what is happening!
On one hand we have government statisticians telling us that the worst is over and house prices in the UK and then the rest of Europe are set to make gains in the later stages of this year.
Given how honest and reliable all the government information has been shown to be over the last several years, it would seem to be, to use the Prime Ministers favourite phrase, “prudent” to treat these statistics with at the least a little caution!
By the same token the major lending institutions, in the United Kingdom at least, are reporting a rise in the number of favourable decisions for lending in the last financial quarter. As these are the self same institutions which help precipitate this crisis, and who are largely owned by the Government, again it might be necessary to apply a little scepticism to these figures.
By the simple test of sticking your head out of the window it would appear that the reality is; for everyone other than a politician or a banker, somewhat different.
Jobs are being lost, homes are being repossessed, and consumer spending is down and most noticeably for those of us living here on the Costas visitor numbers are down by an enormous amount.
With the marked difference in the exchange rate, from even one year ago, anyone on a fixed income from out with the Euro zone has noticed a major difference in the amount of money they have had to live on.
 Couple this drop with the general rise in prices of everyday goods and services and it is easy to understand why some people are getting desperate to sell their properties and either move somewhere cheaper or to downsize and, hopefully, raise some capital.
One of the newer trends, in Spain, which can help in this situation, is “Property Exchange”. 
Whilst not suitable for every circumstance property exchange can help people make moves and restart their lives.
 In many cases the exchanges can be relatively, by Spanish standards, straightforward, when both properties are under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Notary system.
It does need the expertise of qualified professionals to ensure that both parties are adequately protected and represented with regard to any tax issues which may arise.
Where the property exchange scheme has in the past encountered major difficulties has been if one of the properties being exchanged is out with Spanish jurisdiction.
Given the large numbers of people I meet who wish to return to the UK and an increasing number of UK residents who would like to leave the country but who cannot sell their property it was only a matter of time before we were asked if there could be any legal method to arrange an exchange, with a cash adjustment in either direction as necessary, which could be presented to a Notary and accepted.
Having done a fair bit of research the short answer is YES ,but remember this is Spain, short answers can leave a lot of very big and potentially expensive questions!
In order to prove to the Notary system that what is being proposed, does indeed, meet all the requirements of taxation and land registration legislation currently in place, there needs to be a professional and legally recognisable framework in place which can cover both jurisdictions, and, ensure all parties are protected by the governing bodies for Legal professionals in both countries.
In other words the long answer now turns out to be YES as well.
For many people this now represents a realistic, and in some cases speedy solution, however, as with anything in life, with the exception of death and ever more taxation, there are no guarantees!
In order for these schemes to work properly both parties have to be prepared to negotiate in good faith, I know these sounds obvious, but without openness and honesty this type of transaction cannot proceed.
For anyone wishing to consider a property exchange, either within Spain or to another part of Europe or indeed the world at large there are some key questions they must consider:
Where do you want to move to?
What kind of property are you looking for?
If there needs to be a cash adjustment can you afford it?
How many people from your target area are realistically going to be looking to move into and live in your current house?
When you can give yourself honest answers to these questions then Property Exchange might indeed be the way forward!
Disclaimer - All information on the easybuy website. literature and correspondence is given in good faith. if this information is incorrect, easybuy, it's employees or partners can in no way be held responsible.
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