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Tel : 965 720 766
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* Investment Portfolio Management
* Lifetime Loans
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* Life Insurance
Are you aged between 25 and 75?
If you are between the above ages and have worked for a UK company or have had held a private pension you can potentially access your pension fund tax free, as a lump sum.
A change in UK pension law now provides an opportunity to access UK pension funds earlier than normal retirement age with the potential to take the full fund value now.
You could potentially be debt free? By using your UK pension fund as a means of paying off your mortgage, credit cards or to give your business a cash injection
easybuy QRS.
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Everybody needs insurance of some kind - be it house, car, health, life etc etc. easybuy can do all this for you through one of Spain's leading insurance companies. Contact any of our offices now and get a quote.
We guarantee to undercut your current premium - call now with details of your policy and we will save you and your owners money!
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easybuy recommend Currencies Direct - check out their servicesby clicking below: whether you want to bring money to Spain, sent it back home or arrange for regular transfers of pensions etc everything is taken care of for you at competitive rates.


Currencies Direct