Rent To Buy

Rent to Buy

With finance becoming increasingly difficult to find, rent to buy is becoming a popular alternative with more and more people interested in this option.

If you have a property you are wanting to sell but can’t find a buyer or have a buyer who can’t get a mortgage then maybe rent to buy is the option you are looking for

Rent to buy works in such a way that the buyer/renter pays a substantial deposit and then pays a monthly payment in the same way as a mortgage payment would be made. The buyer/renter can complete the sale at any time during the length of the contract.
If the buyer/renter decides they do not wish to complete the sale they forfeit all the monies paid and that is retained by the seller.
All rent to buy contracts are drawn up by expert independent lawyers who will determine the property selling price to include all relevant costs.

All contracts are drawn up in the same way as a purchase contract and are registered with the notary and would cost about the same as it would if you were buying or selling the property.

For any existing easybuy client wishing to register for this option the cost will be a one-off fee of 75€.. New clients who want to register for this option only will pay 150€.

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